I have begun to deeply understand Beauty as the single spiritual force that draws me through life and propels me, gives me courage, inspires me. I somehow think it should be Love or Truth..making rules as usual. But it is the Beauty in people, places and things that causes Love to arise in me and saturate me. Beauty activates Truth that then compels me to reject the shallow, the illusory and the sentimental. They are not separate forces but aspects of the One. Finally though, it is the longing for and search for Beauty that flows through my being. It is my life force. It is the gift that is given to me in this particular human incarnation. It is Beauty that invites me into the mystery of experience.





The light in the bowl of honey


is the perfume in the apple


is the breath in rising bread


is the longing in new wine


is the ache in an autumn leaf


is the bitter taste in wind


is the waiting in winter trees


is the gnarl in the hand reaching


for the deep sweetness


in death.

Crabtree Creek October

Crabtree Creek October